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Durability of post-tensioning tendons (PDF)
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Durability of post-tensioning tendons (PDF)

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fib Bulletin No. 15

Title: Durability of post-tensioning tendons

Category: Technical report

Year: 2001

Pages: 284

Format approx. DIN A4 (210x297 mm), 14 tables, 176 illustrations

ISBN: ISBN 978-2-88394-055-0

Abstract: In some countries durability problems with post-tensioning tendons have in the past led to fairly restrictive regulations. Improvements to execution procedures have been developed since, and new or improved prestressing systems have been proposed, too.

This development was, of course, subject of discussions in fib Commission 9 Reinforcing and Prestressing Materials and Sytems and in IABSE Working Commission 3 Concrete Structures. It was decided to organise a workshop with the aim to review the different aspects of the problems encountered and to discuss solutions available today. Keynote speakers from various countries were invited to contribute. Their papers are published in this bulletin, grouped together under the following themes:

  • Inventory and condition (6 papers)
  • Investigation and repair (5 papers)
  • Technical progress (4 papers)
  • Strategies for improvement (6 papers)
Supported by the international federation for structural concrete fib, and the international association for bridge and structural engineering IABSE, the workshop took place on 15-16 November 2001 at Ghent University, celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Magnel Laboratory for Concrete Research, whose director also chaired the Scientific Committee and edited the bulletin. It needs to be emphasised that in the bulletin invited experts present their individual views. Although not yet discussed in any of the association's working bodies, the highly topical contents of the bulletin is believed to be of general interest to fib's members and to document a starting point for future work in this field. Therefore, the Council of fib agreed to exceptionally publish these papers within fib's series of Bulletins.

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