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IV International Conference on Structural Engineering Education

The fib supports the IV International Conference on Structural Engineering Education which will take place from 20 to 22 June 2018 in Madrid, Spain.

The skills required by structural engineers in the past were always well defined and remained mainly within the technical domain; however, the situation has now changed. The modern structural engineer must be creative, communicative, and able to work with others in an international setting involving social and environmental issues. This means that a new type of education is needed. This conference will examine how the training of both engineers and architects has changed to face these new challenges.

The main themes of the Conference are the following (the list is not restrictive):

Innovations in education

• Active learning methodologies.
• New assessment tools.
• Multidisciplinary education.
• Internet-based teaching (MOOCs, webinars, etc.).
• New learning spaces.
• Outreach activities to promote structural engineering and architecture.
• Other innovations.

New challenges and topics in the education of the structural engineer.
• Development of transversal skills such as critical thinking, creativity andcommunication abilities.
• Conceptual design.
• Engineering and the arts.
• Structural engineering, society and entrepreneurship.
• Sustainability.
• Structural Art, Construction History, Philosophy of Structures.
• Cooperation with the developing countries
• Ethics in structural design.
• New construction materials.
• Computational design tools (BIMs…).
• Other topics and challenges.

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