Fédération internationale du béton

The fib Technical Council


The fib Technical Council (TC) consists of the heads of delegation (one per country, appointed by the national member group), commission and SAG chairpersons, presidium members, honorary presidents, the secretary general and further members appointed by the presidium for a four-year term. The current list of technical council members can be found in the 'Members' area of the website (login required).

The TC meets at least once a year and:

  • is responsible for initiating commissions and task groups, with their terms of reference and appoints their chairmen,
  • monitors the results of work of all commissions and special activity groups,
  • makes recommendations to the presidium regarding
  • the dissemination of these results (e. g. in form of bulletins), or
  • where relevant, it makes recommendations regarding the need to approve envisaged actions through technical resolutions to be taken by the general assembly,
  • approves recommendations, guides and manuals for publication.


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