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And that’s a wrap for the fib Symposium in Krakow! We would like to congratulate the Organising Committee and thank all the participants! A short summary of the Symposium is available on the fib website.



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We are delighted to announce the 2019 fib Medal of Merit recipient and the 2019 fib Honorary Membership recipient!

The fib Medal of Merit is awarded in recognition of outstanding contributions to structural concrete and to the fib.

Honorary Life Members are recognised for their significant personal contributions to the work of the fib.



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Congratulations to the 2019 fib Achievement Award for Young Engineers recipients! The fib AAYE recognises two young engineers (under 40 years old) for their PhD thesis (Research Category) or their overall career (Design & Construction Category).



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Abstract submission for the fib Symposium in Shanghai, China (27-29 April 2020) is possible until 31 August 2019! For more information, please visit the official website and take a look at the official video!



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fib Bulletin 89 is out!


Cable-stayed structures have become increasingly popular over the last 30 years and have been used in all parts of the world. Modern cable-stayed bridges have a history of over 50-years and have been constructed with span lengths ranging from 15 m to over 1000 m. Many long-span cable-stayed bridges have been built for railway and highway traffic applications. Stay cables have also been used on pedestrian structures, many of which are architecturally striking and have become landmark structures.

The first edition of these fib recommendations was published as fib Bulletin 30 in 2005. This new bulletin has been updated based on Bulletin 30 with the aim to reflect the current state of the art and encompass the latest knowledge in cable systems. 

fib Bulletin 89 is available in paper format and in PDF.



  190503 fib bulletin90 final cover version2  

fib Bulletin 90 is out!

fib Task Group 5.1 reworked fib Bulletin 14. The result of this work is summarised in the present technical report, which aims to give design guidelines on the use of externally applied FRP reinforcement (both externally bonded and near-surface mounted) for concrete structures. An attempt has been made to present some of the topics in a Eurocode-compatible format so that the material covered may form the basis for the introduction of composites in the next version of Eurocode 2 and for the updating of the text on seismic retrofitting with composites in the next version of Eurocode 8.

fib Bulletin 90 is available in paper format and in PDF.


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