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 Newsletter | September 2020 | Contact us 

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Dear Colleagues, 



A new feature is available for fib members: an online document viewer. fib members can now browse more than 500 fib publications when connected to the fib network.


Subscribing members, Delegates and Deputies of fib National Members Group as well as Individual Representatives of fib Corporate Members have full access to all the fib publications. They can view fib Bulletins. They can view and download fib proceedings, the directory, and free documents as well as up to five FIP reports or CEB bulletins per year with a coupon. 


Ordinary members, e-ordinary members, young engineers, and students can view and download fib proceedings, the directory, and free documents as well as one FIP report or CEB bulletin per year with a coupon.


Non-members may view and download free documents but cannot access the rest of the fib publications.


To access this new feature, please visit the fib bookshop and click on the product you are interested in viewing. Please make sure you are logged in.


If you wish to become an fib member, please visit the fib website. If you wish to upgrade your subscription, please contact the fib Secretariat.


We hope you will find this new feature useful. Please let us know if you have any questions; we would be delighted to help.


With kind regards,

The fib Secretariat


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