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CIA Biennial National Conference



The Concrete Institute of Australia’s 28th Biennial National Conference will be held in Adelaide, South Australia, from 22 to 25 October 2017.

Keynotes speakers include Louise Adams, Prof Des Bull, Prof Doug Hooton, Prof Tim Ibell, Mr Peter McBean and Prof Karen Scrivener and the invited speakers are Dr Stuart Matthews – fib COM3 Chairman – and Mr Mike Schneider, Immediate Past President of the American Concrete Institute.

The conference themes include:

– Materials (e.g. cementitious materials, aggregates, chemical admixtures, recycled materials, geopolymers, reinforcing steels etc.)
– Structures (e.g. shear design, design of columns and walls, concrete modelling, earthquake and seismic design, prestress etc.)
– Innovations in concrete – design and construction (e.g. 3D printing)
– Durability
– Repair and retrofit
– Environmental
– Precast concrete (e.g. design, construction, architectural etc.)
– Case studies and major projects
– Constructability (e.g. construction and infrastructure developments, forensics, formwork, etc.)
– Education
– History and development of concrete
– Any interesting application and use advancing concrete materials and structures

The event will include an fib Model Code 2020 session on Sunday 22 October from 1PM to 5:30PM. Dr Matthews will introduce the durability provision in Model Code 2010 and discuss the foreseen developments for the new code. MC2020 will for the first time include provisions for existing structures in a comprehensive way. This will bring repair and restoration design in step with reliability and performance based design concept as included in MC2010. Debate on inclusion in codes of specific features affecting durability will be encouraged. Mr Frank Papworth – fib COM8 “Durability” Chairman – and Dr Carmen Andrade – fib COM8 member – will also take part in this workshop. For more information, please visit the workshop page.  For more information and for registration, please visit the official website


PhD Symposium Prague


The fib is delighted to announce its 12th PhD Symposium, which will take place in Prague, Czech Republic from 29 to 31 August 2018.

Abstracts can be submitted until 30 October 2017 and notification of acceptance will be given on 15 December 2017. 

The themes covered by the Symposium are advanced materials, innovative structures and details, construction technology, structural analysis and design, strengthening and repair, monitoring and structural assessment, durability and life assessment and sustainability and life cycle management

For more information, please visit the official website


IPHA seminar


The fib supports the IPHA seminar, which will take place from 25 to 26 October 2017 in Tallinn, Estonia.

The biennial Technical Seminar is an opportunity for structural engineers to discuss structural design aspects of hollowcore in the broadest sense. This Technical Seminar 2017 focuses on educating the young engineers and the professional engineers in field of structural design of hollow core slabs.

With this course, IPHA wants to educate talented engineers to be the business precast design leaders of the future. If you have experience in precast and hollow cores, but would like to deepen knowledge on background and new approaches in field of design of hollowcore, explained with calculation examples, in order to make better and more efficient hollowcore floor designs in precast construction, this seminar is for you.

The fib publication “Prestressed hollowcore design recommendation” (to be published in 2017) by the fib Commission 6 – Task Group T6.1 will be used as reader for the course and contains the most updated technical approaches. The course bridges theory and practice by providing background information as well as practical calculation examples.

The full 2-day training will be given by fib and IPHA experts. Please note that registration is mandatory and is required before 15 August 2017.

For more information, please visit the official website




The fib supports the UHPFRC 2017, which will take place in Montpellier, France from 2 to 4 October 2017.

UHPFRC 2009 and 2013 international symposiums dealt mainly with “Designing and Building with UHPFRC”. In four years, projects and constructions using Ultra-High Performance Fibre-Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC) have clearly gained a growing importance in Europe as well as in Asia and North America. 

“UHPFRC 2017” thus aims at updating and complementing experience gained in the knowledge and use of UHPFRC, based on recent practice of:

- design of building structures, components, civil works and bridges,
- industrial realisations (both on site and in precast factories) with optimised processes,
- large-scale applications, based on advanced modelling and qualification,
- development of standards and recommendations.

The scientific program will comprise 110 selected and reviewed contributions: 40 from France, 22 from North America, 20 from Asia and Australia, 28 from Europe (excl. France). 31 papers address realisations (monographs and/or series of applications) and 21 with prospective studies for UHPFRC projects and R&D associated to processes of UHPFRC production; 36 deal with research concerning UHPFRC mix-proportioning and material properties, structural behaviour and properties of composite structures comprising UHPFRC; and 22 are related to tests and material characterisation, constitutive modelling and standardisation.

For more information, please visit the official website






The fib supports ConSC2017, which will take place in Stuttgart, Germany from 27 to 29 September 2017.

Connections between steel and concrete using fasteners or reinforcing bars constitute a major research topic in the field of structural engineering. Over the years, significant progress has been made in the field of anchorage using fasteners as well as bond between reinforcement and concrete. The research has solved several problems faced by the industry and has also uncovered several new directions the research should pursue in the future.

Given the recent advances, this symposium offers the right time for the discussion of past, ongoing and future research in the field of connections between and concrete. The ConSC2017 themes are:

Fastenings with supplementary reinforcement
Steel-concrete composites structures
Numerical modeling of steel-concrete connections
Code based design models
Performance based approaches for steel-concrete connections
Connections under special loads (fatigue, sustained loads, corrosion)
Connections under extreme loads (seismic, fire, impact)
Anchor channels Fastenings in structural strengthening
Special concretes and applications

Prof Rolf Eligehausen will give the closing lecture in honour of his 75th birthday.

Several fib members will be speaking on this occasion, including: Prof J. Biliszczuk, Mr W. Brand, Mr A. Bucher, Dr J. Bujnak, Dr V. Cervenka, Prof R.A. Cook, Prof A. Dancygier, Prof Degée, Prof L. Elgren, Mr Farbák, Prof E. Fehling, Mr T. Fröhlich, Mr T. Guillet, Prof J. Hegger, Mr V. Hlavička, Prof J. Hofmann, Prof Kolisko, Dr J. Kunz, Mr J. Lechner, Ms O. Leibovich, Dr E. Lublóy, Prof G. Mancini, Dr G. Muciaccia, Mr J. Onysyk, Dr R. Piccinin, Prof G. Plizzari, Dr A. Plumier, Mr R. Radhakrishnan, Prof N. Randl, Dr T. Sippel, Mr P. Spyridis, Mr J. Stork, Dr A. Weber, Dr R. Wendner, Prof D. Yankelevsky, Dr C. Zanuy and Dr J. Zhao.

For more information, please visit the official website

The full programme is available on the programme page.

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