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fib Bulletin 86 is out

fib Bulletin 86 “Safety and performance concept” is available for purchase in the fib online shop.

fib bulletin 86 cover

The information provided in Bulletin 86 is crucial for practitioners and scientists. It provides the reader with general procedures, from the specification of requirements, monitoring, assessment to the prediction of the structures’ lifecycles. However, one must have a sufficiently large amount of experimental and other data (e.g. construction experience) to use these methods correctly. This data finally allows for statistical evaluation. As it is shown in case studies, extensive monitoring programs are necessary. The publication of this guide and other documents developed within the fib will hopefully help convince the authorities responsible for safe and fluent traffic on bridges and other structures that the costs spent on monitoring are first rather small, and second, they will repay in the form of a serious assessment providing necessary information for decision about maintenance and future of important structures.

For more information and to purchase Bulletin 86, please visit the fib online shop

If you prefer to travel light, the electronic version is also available on the fib website

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