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This is a page to offer/request support to help with the situation in Ukraine. You will find two columns below: one for offers (left) and one for requests (right). 
NEW offers/requests are regularly added to this page.

For help offers

If you see a request that matches the support you can offer, please fill up this form and mention the relevant subject line. The secretariat will put you in contact with the relevant person.

If no requests match your offer, please fill up this form and describe what support you can provide.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the fib secretariat if you have any questions; we would be delighted to help.

For help requests

If you see an offer that matches the help you request, please fill up this form and mention the relevant subject line. The secretariat will put you in contact with the relevant person.

If no offers match your request, please fill up this form and describe what help is required.

Offer Support to Ukraine

DLUBAL software supports Ukraine 

The Dlubal Software company fully supports Ukraine's aspiration to rebuild the country. It will help Ukraine to be restored as soon as possible. This is why Dlubal provides the opportunity to use its software products free of charge for Ukrainian engineers for a period of 6 months.

Apply for a free license throughout the official representative in Ukraine BIM Solutions. In order to get free 6-month version of software you must fill out the electronic form.

The use of this free software is possible only on the territory of Ukraine and only by Ukrainian engineers and enterprises.

Science For Ukraine-YSC survey on Ukrainian researchers abroad

If you left Ukraine as a result of Russia's military invasion of February 24 and you have been affiliated to Ukrainian academic or research institutions in the public and private sectors, irrespective of the nature of the appointment or employment or the type of organisation, please fill out this survey.

The survey’s main objective is to provide first-hand reliable information on the current professional challenges faced by researchers, as well as on their preferences for support measures. The findings will aim at serving as empirical evidence for planning of the support measures and advocating for dedicated programs for Ukrainian researchers at academic and funding institutions. The survey is confidential and the data will be collected anonymously.

More details about privacy are provided on the survey’s starting page. The survey is a joint voluntary endavour of ScienceForUkraine, Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IBL PAN), Centre of Migration Research of the University of Warsaw (CMR UW), SGH Warsaw School of Economics, and the Young Scientist Council at the Ministry of Education and Science in Ukraine (YSC).

Should you have any additional questions please, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please see the details for the application (deadline: July 15, 2022).

Call for award of n. 1 research grant for Ukrainian Researchers, University of Palma

Research grant of one year long with the topic on Structural Engineering - Reinforced Concrete and Prestressed Concrete Structures. Annual salary: € 18.000,00. 

Please see the details for the application (deadline: July 18, 2022).

Visiting researcher positions at ERI, University of Tokyo

To researchers in earth science & engineering in Ukraine: Earthquake Research Institute, the University of Tokyo is now calling for long-term (4 to 12 months) visiting researchers;. PhD. holders or those who are about to complete their PhD. are eligible to apply. Successful candidates are expected to carry out research at ERI as an employee of the University of Tokyo. 

Please see the details for the application (deadline: Aug. 2, 2022).

Free engineering studies in the Cracow University of Technology 

In the new academic year (2022/2023), the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Cracow University of Technology intends to launch free engineering studies in Ukrainian for candidates of Ukrainian nationality and Ukrainian speakers of other nationalities who fled the war. Studies in building technology and transport are offered.

"War-ravaged Ukraine will need many professionals to lead its reconstruction. We want to help in the preparation of such personnel" - declares Prof. Andrzej Szarata, Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering. The studies will have a unique formula, unprecedented in the Polish system of higher education. In its preparation and implementation are involved, among others, Ukrainian academic teachers of the Cracow University of Technology, Ukrainians already studying at PK and partner companies of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Cracow University of Technology. 

Please see the details for more information.

6 months free licence of IDEA StatiCa

Czech software developer IDEA Statica s.r.o. provides a 6-month FREE license of their products for Ukrainian engineers as support. IDEA StatiCa is the world-leading software for steel connection design, member analysis, and code-checking concrete details. This is a full commercial license that Ukrainian users are allowed to use officially.The license is distributed through official representatives in Ukraine of IDEA Statica s.r.o. products - BIM Solutions Ukraine . To obtain a license, you must fill out a request form. All the information and a link to the form is available on the official website.

Individual Support from Australia and Spain

Individual support of mentoring  a young Ukrainian Engineer in North Sydney, Australia and from Spain to develop projects or calculations for infrastructures (roads, railways, drainage or sewage) or building reconstruction according to Eurocodes or other national regulations.

ScholarshipForUkrainian' group

Yiannis Pontikes (KU Leuven) from Belgium started the 'ScholarshipForUkrainian' group on LinkedIn where you can post what you have on offer.

The NL group

Simon Groeblacher (TU Delft, Netherlands) invites Masters, PhD, or Postdoc from Ukraine to join his group in the Netherlands to research any subject related to quantum physics. The NL group will cover your living costs and also travel if possible. Please see more information about his Groeblacher lab.

Sweco Poland

Sweco Poland is hiring engineers from Ukraine. In particular, they invite students, graduates and specialists with experience in the road, hydrotechnical, environmental protection, energy, railway and building construction to apply.

Free teaching materials in Ukrainian

As the refugees go into exile with their families this one may also be relevant: there is also free teaching materials in Ukrainian available for (primary & secondary school) children. Through a project of the European Education Publishers Association, they share teaching material from the Ukrainian educational publisher Ranok, so that these children can continue their education. Through the website, schools, pupils and their parents can download free digital copies of more than 160 Ukrainian books for primary and secondary education. The books have been approved by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education. Please see more information and the free books

Science for Ukraine database

Please find other support in that extensive database (incl. opportunities in engineering) Science for Ukraine.

Opportunities from universities

A list of 500+ opportunities from universities worldwide for students and scientists from Ukraine to continue their research.

University of Brescia, Italy

University of Brescia offers 6 grants of € 5.750,00 each reserved to students and allocates € 10.000 for receiving scholars asThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

University of Parma opens a call for award of n 1 research grant for Ukrainian Researchers (NEW)

Please see the details of the call

The research grant is one year long and the topic is on Structural Engineering - Reinforced Concrete and Prestressed Concrete Structures. The annual salary is € 18.000,00. The call will remain open till 14th of May 2022.

Rio de Janeiro open call to host refugees

There is an open call in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) to host refugees from Ukraine (financial support included). 

Help integrate Ukrainian refugees on the EPFL campus

Three programs are designed to help integrate Ukrainian refugees on the EPFL campus, with the support of EPFL’s upper management.

In the first, students enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s program in Ukraine can register free of charge as auditors at EPFL and receive ECTS credits for each course they pass. Alternatively, they can register as visiting students – again, free of charge – in order to carry out a research project in the field they were studying at their Ukrainian university. And Ukrainian students with a Swiss S permit who are interested in enrolling in one of EPFL’s Bachelor’s programs may apply for the EPFL preparatory year course (CMS).

In the second, the application process for our PhD programs has been streamlined. Applications should be sent to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Scientific staff (including PhD students and postdocs) can speak with their supervisor about extending their contract.

Lastly, the Scholars at Risk program, with the support of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), makes it possible for Swiss universities and institutes to host researchers so they can continue their work. The SNSF has allocated nine million francs to help researchers affected by the war in Ukraine, several of whom will join EPFL under this program. Interested researchers should send their request to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., which will also consider providing internal funding to researchers who have had to flee Ukraine. 

Support for scientists’ articles for upcoming events

If conference organisers choose to accept papers for free, we advise they make it known on their official website.

The fib will also keep a list here of events that choose to offer this support to Ukraine, starting with the fib Congress.

Request Support from Ukraine

Support for travel and registration for the fib Symposium 

Ukrainian researchers request financial help for travel, accommodation, and registration to present their research at the fib Symposium in Istanbul.

Please contact the fib if you wish to offer financial support.

Support for damaged Ukrainian buidings

Thousands of residential multi-storey buildings have been destroyed and damaged in Ukraine as a result of Russian aggression. NIISK representing a national fib group is widely engaged in the restoration plan initiated by Ukrainian authorities in Bucha, Gostomel and Kyiv. NIISK researchers  conduct inspection of buildings damaged by explosions and bomb attacks, determine  damage level of buildings, explore opportunities for further operation  and develop solutions for strengthening  and renovating. Last  week research teams  carried out inspection of state  of more than 40  multistory apartment houses in Bucha, Ivankiv and Gostomel. 

To increase the capacities of the Institute, we would be grateful if we could get  3D laser devices for scanning and metering strength of concrete and stone structures,  and software products for modeling of load-bearing properties of buildings and structures after explosions inside and outside buildings.

Support for refugees

Basically, this can be the placement researchers’ wives / children of from Ukraine (providing contacts of responsible persons in different campuses, for example).

It is enough to offer contacts in different countries of people who can be trusted

Any organization - a member of the fib (this is whole world actually) can provide such assistance: 1,2 ... 10 places per day / week / months, whatever they could provide – it does not matter – this is help. 

Collection of goods / products and essentials

This can be done through affiliated representative offices so that such help goes exactly where it should.

For example, through the channel from EPFL or other organisations. 

Support for scientists’ articles for upcoming events

No Ukrainian scientists will unfortunately be able to visit upcoming events. However, several had already sent articles for various events.

The proposition would be to review and, if they meet the criteria, accept these articles without fee. This will be real support for Ukrainian scientists.

It is also possible to provide an opportunity to record a video report and show it to the conference participants during the relevant session. 

Raise funds to support Ukraine

Request to transfer in any currency. This is an official account from the national bank without intermediaries. A single official account that goes directly to the needs of the country. 


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