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    Support for Ukraine

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Support for damaged Ukrainian buidings (NEW)

Thousands of residential multi-storey buildings have been destroyed and damaged in Ukraine as a result of Russian aggression. NIISK representing a national fib group is widely engaged in the restoration plan initiated by Ukrainian authorities in Bucha, Gostomel and Kyiv. NIISK researchers  conduct inspection of buildings damaged by explosions and bomb attacks, determine  damage level of buildings, explore opportunities for further operation  and develop solutions for strengthening  and renovating. Last  week research teams  carried out inspection of state  of more than 40  multistory apartment houses in Bucha, Ivankiv and Gostomel. 

To increase the capacities of the Institute, we would be grateful if we could get  3D laser devices for scanning and metering strength of concrete and stone structures,  and software products for modeling of load-bearing properties of buildings and structures after explosions inside and outside buildings.

Support for refugees

Basically, this can be the placement researchers’ wives / children of from Ukraine (providing contacts of responsible persons in different campuses, for example).

It is enough to offer contacts in different countries of people who can be trusted

Any organization - a member of the fib (this is whole world actually) can provide such assistance: 1,2 ... 10 places per day / week / months, whatever they could provide – it does not matter – this is help. 

Collection of goods / products and essentials

This can be done through affiliated representative offices so that such help goes exactly where it should.

For example, through the channel from EPFL or other organisations. 

Support for scientists’ articles for upcoming events

No Ukrainian scientists will unfortunately be able to visit upcoming events. However, several had already sent articles for various events.

The proposition would be to review and, if they meet the criteria, accept these articles without fee. This will be real support for Ukrainian scientists.

It is also possible to provide an opportunity to record a video report and show it to the conference participants during the relevant session. 

Raise funds to support Ukraine

Request to transfer in any currency. This is an official account from the national bank without intermediaries. A single official account that goes directly to the needs of the country. 


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