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Concrete Sustainability Podcast 

Hosted by Nadine Pressmair (formerly Stoiber).

Episode 1: Concrete Sustainability with Prof. Benjamin Kromoser from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna

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Professor Benjamin Kromoser is the head of the Institute of Green Civil Engineering at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna, Austria (short: BOKU Wien). He is a civil engineer and inventor with a close connection to craftsmanship. His research, teaching and practice is oriented towards the best possible use of natural resources in the construction sector.

In his early career, together with Prof. Johann Kollegger (University of Technology in Vienna) he developed a novel, resource-efficient concrete shell construction method, further known as Pneumatic Forming of Hardened Concrete (PFHC). Advantages of this method comprise the significant savings in formwork construction efforts and a substantial reduction in construction time in comparison to conventional building methods. Austrian railways (ÖBB) already successfully used this construction methods to build a concrete shell bridge with a span of 36m as deer pass over the two-track rail Koralmbahn.

Prof. Kromoser’s research and teaching at the BOKU Wien have a wide spectrum, including the automation and digitalisation of constructive production processes, economic and ecologic optimisation of structures as well as the sustainability assessment of buildings amongst others. He facilitates to use materials according to their properties and strives to minimise the environmental impact of buildings considering the whole life cycle. In concrete construction he is concerned with pushing sustainability forward, which reflects in his research on structural optimised concrete structures, high-performance materials in concrete construction and wood-concrete-composite systems to only name a few.

Amongst other awards, Prof. Benjamin Kromoser received the Dr. Ernst-Fehrer Preis at the University of Technology in Vienna in 2015 and the Achievement Award for Young Engineers of the fib in the category design and construction in 2019.




The podcast was recorded on the 18th of May 2022 at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna, Austria.

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