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Hosted by Nadine Pressmair (formerly Stoiber).

Episode 2: Circular Construction with Architect DI Thomas Romm

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Thomas Romm is an architect with his own office based in Vienna. He studied architecture at the TU Vienna as well as the TU Berlin and, since his diploma thesis on recycling-friendly residential buildings, he has dedicated his work to the topic of resources within the built environment, putting a strong focus on the environmental impact of planning and construction.

As an expert for circular construction he is involved in the development of large construction sites in the Viennese housing sector. Using Building Information Modelling as one of his tools, he is continuously working on the improvement of the eco-efficiency in mass flows. According to his opinion, current circular economy concentrates too much on deconstruction, whereas essential material flows can actually already be generated and channelled during the realisation of large construction projects.

In addition to his participation in numerous competitions, dismantling as well as construction projects, he also devotes himself to ambitious research projects: He is an initiator of BauKarussell, a cooperation network of socio-economic companies for dismantled building components for reuse.

Apart from his professional expertise, he is also teaching ecology for architects at the Academy of Fine Arts.



This episode was recorded on the 13th of February 2023 in Vienna, Austria.

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