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fib President Address 2021


Complex 2020 is over. And a new era which is the first step of the uncharted phase up to now has just started.

In 2020, EC and Japan declared their intention to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. The keyword after COVID-19 pandemic is climate change response. As fib members, designers, engineers and researchers should pursue low carbon technologies including not only materials but also structures, construction, conservation and demolition. These requirements will be more and more rigorous because the CO2 emissions of concrete are significant. However, sustainability is the base of our Model Code 2020. And the fib has had the same philosophy since Model Code 2010. We can be proud of this fact.

The fib should focus our power on spreading our message regarding climate change response wider and wider. These outputs will benefit the members in the near future. For example, low carbon concrete, off-site construction, accelerated construction, lightweight structures and highly durable structures are the key technologies for the coming era. It is essential to show how the fib can contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions by using these technologies. Concrete is an essential material for human prosperity, even though its CO2 emission of concrete is considerable. However, we mustn’t rest on this situation. Immediate actions are needed.

There is neither textbook nor precedent to deal with this new era. However, we have wisdom and technologies to deal with this yet uncharted world. 2050 is the world of the young generation. I believe the fib can overcome this complex situation by collaboration with all generations.

Akio Kasuga
fib President 2021-2022

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