• Structural Concrete: Journal of the fib

    Structural Concrete: Journal of the fib

  • Structural Concrete: Journal of the fib

    Structural Concrete: Journal of the fib

  • Structural Concrete: Journal of the fib

    Structural Concrete: Journal of the fib

  • Structural Concrete: Journal of the fib

    Structural Concrete: Journal of the fib

Structural Concrete, the official journal of the fib, provides conceptual and procedural guidance in the field of concrete construction and features peer-reviewed papers, keynote research and industry news covering all aspects of the design, construction, performance in service, conservation (assessment, maintenance, strengthening) and demolition of concrete structures, research about the behaviour of concrete structures, development of design methods, fib Model Code, sustainability of concrete structures.

Indexed in the Thomson Reuters (ISI) Web of Science since Volume 10 (2009), the journal now has an impact factor of 2.174 and is published six times a year. All members of the fib automatically get the latest issue of Structural Concrete, so the best way to stay informed (as well as the more convenient way to obtain the journal and other advantages) is to become a member of the fib. In order to access to the SC Journal electronically, fib members need to be logged in and follow the steps as per the FAQ.

Every issue of Structural Concrete also includes the fib’s quarterly newsletter, fib-news, which provides up-to-date information from the fib secretariat and the latest news about fib events, members and new publications.

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Structural Concrete now has its own app! This app allows fib members to:

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The app is available both on GooglePlay and on the AppStore.

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Latest issues of the SC Journal

Journal Article

The main part of the journal contains peer-reviewed papers. The table of contents and abstracts for issues from 2002 to 2011 are freely available via Wiley Online Library.

Free issues in Structural Concrete 

The fib prides itself on the quality of its publications. The Federation has decided to make some of them available free of charge. Our free documents include the first completed drafts of the 2010 Model Code and the Award for Outstanding Concrete Structures brochures.
Besides the publications shown above, you can have a free access to the following publications in the fib Structural Concrete Journal:

Submission of papers

Structural Concrete is seeking original papers of the highest quality for publication. Papers may cover all aspects of the design, construction, performance in service, strengthening and demolition of concrete structures, including papers on research into the behaviour of structures and into the development of design methods. All papers will be subjected to a rigorous peer-review process prior to acceptance for publication. Author guidelines and manuscript submission information are available.

Publisher: fib - International Federation for Structural Concrete.  ISSN: 1464-4177 (print). 1751-7648 (online). 


Editorial Board  

Luc Taerwe (Belgium)

Deputy Editor-in-Chief
Akio Kasuga (Japan)

Associate Editors-in-Chief
Frank Dehn (Germany)
David Fernandez-Ordoñez (Switzerland)
Tamon Ueda (Japan)

György L. Balázs (Hungary)
Josée Bastien (Canada)
Oguzhan Bayrak (USA)
Mikael Braestrup (Denmark)
Robby Caspeele (Belgium)
Íria Lícia Oliva Doniak (Brazil) 
Vyacheslav Falikman (Russia)
Michael Fardis (Greece)
Stephen Foster (Australia)
Albert De La Fuente Antequera (Spain)

Venkat N. Heggade (India)
Sung Gul Hong (Korea)
Giuseppe Mancini (Italy)
Guilhemo Sales Melo (Brazil)
Mario E. Rodriguez (Mexico)
Jean-Michel Torrenti (France)
Robert Vollum (UK)
Roman Wan-Wendner (Belgium)
Feng Xing (China)
Yong Yuan (China)
Bin Zhao (China)


Erkan Akpinar (Turkey)
Farhad Aslani (Australia)
Jesus Miguel Bairan (Spain)
Martin Bimschas (Switzerland)
Wouter Botte (Belgium)
Joan Casas (Spain)
Vladimir Cervenka (Czech Republic)
Antoni Cladera (Spain)
Marten Classen (Germany)
Antonio Conforti (Italy)
Dario Coronelli (Italy)
Tommaso D’Antino (Italy)
Wouter De Corte (Belgium)
Hiroshi Dobashi (Japan)
Piotr Dybel (Poland)
Martin Empelmann (Germany)
German Ercolani (Argentina)
Duarte Faria (Switzerland)
Miguel Fernández Ruiz (Switzerland)
Liberato Ferrara (Italy)
Emmanuel Ferrier (France)
Christoph Gehlen (Germany)
Steffen Grunewald (Netherlands)
Joost Gulikers (Netherlands)
Muhammad Hadi (Australia)
Steinar Helland (Norway)

Sylvia Kessler (Germany)
Deuck Hang Lee (South Korea)
Xian Liu (China)
Antonio Marí (Spain)
Peter Mark (Germany)
Enzo Martinelli (Italy)
Steffen Marx (Germany)
Mohammad Mastali (Finland)
Marco Menegotto (Italy)
Giovanni Metelli (Italy)
Aurelio Muttoni (Switzerland)
Alejandro Pérez Caldentey (Spain)
Theodoros Rousakis (Greece)
Ɓukasz Sadowski (Poland)
Jürgen Schnell (Germany)
Alfred Strauss (Austria)
Miroslav Sykora (Czech Republic)
Thanasis Triantafillou (Greece)
Philippe Van Bogaert (Belgium)
Pieter van der Zee (Belgium)
Kim Van Tittelboom (Belgium)
Gideon van Zijl (South Africa)
Jan L. Vitek (Czech Republic)
Xin Wang (China)
Simon Wijte (Netherlands)
Carlos Zanuy (Spain)

fib postal address

Case postale 88
CH-1015 Lausanne


p : +41 21 693 27 47
f : +41 21 693 62 45
e : info@fib-international.org
w : www.fib-international.org

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