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Short course on Precast Concrete in Krakow

There will be a short course on Precast Concrete in Krakow and several members of the fib will be speaking on this occasion.

Stef Maas – Chair of fib Commission 6 and deputy for the fib's Belgian National Member Group – will be giving a lecture on planning and design of precast concrete structures and a presentation of the planned fib-bulletin about design of precast prestressed hollow core floors.

Barry Crisp – member of numerous Commission 6 Task Groups – will present a practical approach to precast buildings.

George Jones – Task Group "Precast concrete in tall buildings" convener – will discuss how to achieve benefits from precast concrete in taller buildings.

Ronald Klein-Holte – Task Group "Hollow core slabs" member – will present the future revision of EN1168: "Precast concrete products. Hollow core slabs".

David Fernández-Ordóñez – fib Secretary General and Task Group "Sustainability of structures" convener – will discuss the sustainability of precast structures as well as the development of the Model Code 2020.

Wit Derkowski – Commission 6 Deputy Chair and Head of Delegation of fib's Poland National Member Group – will give the concluding talk of this short course.

The course will take place on 3 November 2016. For more information, the program is available here.

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