• The International Federation for Structural Concrete

    The International Federation for Structural Concrete

    A Bridge between Research and Practice

    The knowledge developped and shared by the fib (fib Bulletins, fib events, fib workshops, fib courses, etc.) is entirely the result of the volunteer work provided by the fib members.


  • fib President's address

    fib President's address

    Introductory Video by Tor Ole Olsen, fib President 2019-2020.


  • fib Symposium in Shanghai, China

    fib 2020 Symposium

    The fib International Symposium will take place from 27 to 29 April 2020 in Shanghai, China.


Statutory members are national member groups (NMGs) acting as forums for cooperation and coordination between various participants, such as governmental, scientific, technical, professional, and industrial bodies. Every NMG is represented in the General Assembly by its national delegation, formed by nominated Delegates and Deputies. Each NMG has as many Delegates and Deputies as votes. The Head of delegation is a statutory member of the technical council. Delegates and deputies are considered to be individual members of the fib, which entitles them to the benefits listed below.

NMGs can have voting rights from 1 to 5 votes. Subscription rates vary and the level chosen will determine – based on the number of votes each rate category allocates - the influence an NMG has in the General Assembly. However, all NMGs have equal status in the Technical Council since each country has one vote, irrespective of the number of delegates it has in the General Assembly.

  • Statutory
    Statutory members receive the following benefits:
    • becoming part of an international community represented worldwide, which comprise a high number of renowned experts,
    • becoming part of international pre-codification in general,
    • NMGs can contribute to the fib Model Codes (published approximately every 10 years)
    • possibility to propose members to the fib Task Groups and Commissions,
    • voting rights in the General Assembly and in the Technical Council,
    • possibility to host a fib Congress, fib Symposium and fib PhD Symposium,
    • NMG’s logo in a prominent part of the website and the directory, as well as a link on the fib website,
    • NMG’s events co-sponsored by the fib,
    • possibility to nominate candidates for the fib awards,
    • publicity for NMG’s events through the fib’s communications channels,
    • one copy of every publication (published during the year of subscription) per Delegate and Deputy,
    • PDFs for all bulletins published one year prior to the year of subscription for exclusive distribution to their members,
    • copyright for the fib publications to be translated and disseminated in their countries,
    • Delegates and Deputies representing NMGs have the fib member status, they receive the following benefits (all documents are sent to the NMG):
      • one copy of the Structural Concrete journal with 6 issues per year,
      • online access to the fib journal Structural Concrete,
      • hard copies of all bulletins published during the year of membership, which are extremely valuable information developed by fib,
      • 50% discount on additional fib bulletins,
      • complimentary documents,
      • the membership directory,
      • up to five free publications from the CEB and FIP bulletins,
      • reduced registration fees when attending fib congresses or symposia,
      • possibility to become Commission member and Task Group/Working Party Convener,
      • Access to the fib website intranet, which includes dedicated documents and a platform to communicate with other fib members and persons active in commissions and working parties.

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fib postal address

Case postale 88
CH-1015 Lausanne


p : +41 21 693 27 47
f : +41 21 693 62 45
e : info@fib-international.org
w : www.fib-international.org

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