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GLOBE welcomes its new leaders

GLOBE is the Global Consensus on Sustainability in the Built Environment. The Joint Committee on the GLOBE Consensus (JCGC) is dedicated to reducing Green House Gas (GHG) emissions from the construction sector.

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GLOBE’s objective is to direct the attention of the global community, politicians, industry leaders, and societal decision-makers to the critical importance of the built environment for sustainable development at global and local scales. The JCGC was initiated in 2021 under the auspices of the Liaison Committee (LC) of the six International Associations of Civil Engineering: CIB, ECCS, fib, IABSE, IASS and RILEM.

The tenure of JCGC's inaugural Chair, Michael Havbro Faber, concluded on 30 June 2024. A solicitation for nominations to fill his position was distributed in January 2024. Following a series of interviews with selected candidates, the Liaison Committee appointed two new leaders for a three-year term on 3 June 2024. The Liaison Committee is delighted to welcome fib member Prof. David Ruggiero as the Chairperson and Dr. Edmundo de Werna as the Globe Senior Advisor.

David Ruggiero is an Assistant Professor and Head of the Concrete Behaviour and Structural Design Laboratory (CONSTRUCT) at EPFL. He leads research projects and initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable construction practices, with activities including the structural-scale testing of low-carbon concretes, the development of methods for assessment of existing structures, and structural optimization.
“I am deeply honoured and excited to chair the Joint Committee on the GLOBE Consensus. Our mission to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in construction is both critical and achievable. Leveraging our collective expertise and global network, GLOBE can lead the green transition of the built environment, ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.” David Ruggiero

Edmundo de Werna is part-time Associate Professor at the School of the Built Environment and Architecture, London South Bank University and owner of own consultancy company. He possesses extensive experience at the United Nations, a vast network of connections, and proven fundraising expertise.
“I am very pleased and honoured to be appointed Senior Advisor for the Globe Consensus. The built environment is responsible for a large share of environmental problems on the planet. The Globe Consensus focuses on a specific and important element of the built environment: construction structures and their value chain, which include a significant amount of embedded CO2. Therefore, the Consensus covers a specific and important niche in the battle for a better environment. I am sure that, together with the newly appointed Chairman, we shall be able to help the built environment sector to make considerable progress in the frame of our mandate.” Edmundo de Werna

Their roles officially started on 1 July 2024, with the objective of developing fundamental new knowledge to support unbiased, science-based decision-making on how to achieve sustainability in the built environment at a global scale.

The Liaison Committee members reiterate a warm thank you to the former chairman, Michael Havbro Faber, for his huge efforts in making this project a reality and for his constant involvement and support of sustainability in the global built environment.

For more information about GLOBE, please visit the official website.

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