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Fibre-reinforced concrete: From design to structural applications (PDF)

No. 79. Fibre-reinforced concrete: From design to structural applications. FRC 2014: ACI-fib International Workshop Proceedings - ACI SP-310 (480 pages, ISBN 978-2-88394-119-9, May 2016) - PDF format
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fib Bulletin No. 79

Title: Fibre-reinforced concrete: From design to structural applications - FRC 2014: ACI-fib International Workshop

Category: ACI-fib workshop proceedings

Year: 2016

Pages: 480

Format approx. DIN A4 (210x297 mm)

ISBN: 978-2-88394-119-9

DOI: doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079


The FRC-2014 Workshop Fibre Reinforced Concrete: from Design to Structural Applications was the first ACI-fib joint technical event. The Workshop, held at Polytechnique Montreal (Canada) on July 24th and 25th 2014, was attended by 116 participants from 25 countries and 4 continents.

The first international FRC workshop was held in Bergamo (Italy) in 2004. At that time, the lack of specific building codes and standards was identified as the main inhibitor to the application of this technology in engineering practice. Ten years after Bergamo, many of the objectives identified at that time have been achieved. The use of fibre reinforced concrete (FRC) for designing structural members in bending and shear has recently been addressed in the fib Model Code 2010. Steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) has also been used structurally in several building and bridge projects in Europe and North-America. SFRC has been widely used in segmental tunnel linings all over the world. Members of ACI544 and fib TG-4.1 have been involved in writing code based specifications for the design of FRC structural members.

More than fifty papers were presented at the Workshop from which forty-four were selected for this joint ACI/fib publication. The papers are organised in the document under six themes: Design guidelines and specifications, Material properties for design, Behaviour and design of beams and columns, Behaviour and design of slabs and other structures, Behaviour and design of foundations and underground components, and finally, Applications in structure and underground construction projects.

Download the copyright page (= list of authors) as a PDF file.

Download the table of contents as a PDF file.



  1. Structural design according to fib MC 2010: Comparison between RC and FRC elements - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch01
  2. Design based approaches for fibre-reinforced concrete: An overview of ACI committee 544 activities - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch02
  3. FRC design according to the draft Australian bridge code - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch03
  4. An introduction to the Chinese guideline for fibre-reinforced concrete structures - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch04
  5. FRCC: Design and application in Japan - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch055
  6. French recommendations and feedback on experience with ultra-high-performance fibre-reinforced concrete (UHPFRC) - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch06
  7. Steel-fibre-reinforced concrete (SFRC) in fire: Normative and pre-normative requirements and code-type regulations - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch07
  8. Translation of test results of small specimens of flowable fibre concrete to structural behaviour: A discussion paper of fib Task Group 4.3 - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch08
  9. Fibre-reinforced cementitious composites with adapted rheology: From state-of-the-art knowledge towards new boundaries for structural concrete applications - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch09
  10. Study of rheological and mechanical performance of ultra-high-performance glass concrete - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch10
  11. Feasibility of using recycled steel fibres to enhance the behaviour of recycled aggregate concrete - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch11
  12. Effect of steel fibres on the tensile behaviour of self-consolidating reinforced concrete blocks - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch12
  13. Fracture behaviour of polyolefin fibre-reinforced self-compacting concrete - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch13
  14. Modelling early age drying in fibre-reinforced concretes - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch14
  15. Shear design of full-scale prestressed SFRC girders - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch15
  16. Numerical modelling of large scale steel-fibre-reinforced reinforced concrete beams failing in shear - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch16
  17. Structural applicability of polypropylene fibres: Deep and wide-shallow beams subjected to shear - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch17
  18. The effect of fibres in UHPFRC beams with longitudinal steel reinforcement - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch18
  19. Experimental and numerical study on the use of high-strength and ultra-highperformance fibre-reinforced concrete in columns - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch19
  20. Experimental and analytical behaviour of RC members strengthened by means of a high-performance jacket - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch20
  21. The behaviour of SFRC flat slabs: The Limelette full-scale experiments to support design model codes - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch21
  22. Precast fibre-reinforced self-compacting concrete slabs - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch22
  23. Precast plates made with lightweight fibre-reinforced concrete - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch23
  24. Mechanical behaviour of slabs made of strain-hardening cement-based composite and steel reinforcement subject to uniaxial tensile loading - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch24
  25. Innovative precast HPFRC barriers for bridges - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch25
  26. Effectiveness of fibres for structural elements in case of fire - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch26
  27. Steel-fibre reinforcement for large hydraulic concrete structures: Numerical investigations on a semi-spiral case - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch27
  28. Numerical models for designing steel-fibre-reinforced concrete structures: Why and which ones? - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch28
  29. Load-bearing capacities of SFRC elements accounting for tension stiffening with modified moment-curvature relations - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch29
  30. Design of glass-fibre-reinforced concrete floors according to the fib Model Code 2010 - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch30
  31. A comprehensive methodology for the design of fibre-reinforced concrete pavements - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch31
  32. Experimental and numerical study on the load-bearing behaviour of steel-fibre reinforced concrete for precast tunnel lining segments under concentrated loads - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch32
  33. Developments in design for fibre-reinforced concrete tunnel segments - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch33
  34. Optimization of input parameters for material modelling of fibre-reinforced concrete and application to the numerical simulation of tunnel lining - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch34
  35. Steel-fibre reinforcement for precast lining in tunnels with different diameters - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch35
  36. Numerical simulation of steel-fibre-reinforced concrete pipes using constitutive equations based on the Barcelona test - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch36
  37. Optimum fibre content for precast steel-fibre-reinforced concrete pipes - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch37
  38. FRC structural applications according to the fib Model Code 2010: A unified approach - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch38
  39. Steel-fibre-reinforced concrete elevated suspended slabs: Design cases in Europe and the USA - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch39
  40. Design and construction of SFRC bridge decks: Building on past experiences and recent developments - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch40
  41. Footbridge over the Ovejas ravine in Alicante: An economical alternative made only of ultra-high-performance fibre-reinforced concrete (UHPFRC) - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch41
  42. Examples of bridge, tunnel lining and foundation design with steel-fibre-reinforced concrete - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch42
  43. Earthquake-resistant fibre-reinforced concrete coupling beams without diagonal bars - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch43
  44. Design of FRC tunnel segments considering the ductility requirements of the fib Model Code 2010: Application to the Barcelona Metro Line 9 - doi.org/10.35789/fib.BULL.0079.Ch44

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