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Guidelines for green concrete structures

N° 67. Guidelines for green concrete structures (60 pages, ISBN 978-2-88394-107-6, May 2012)
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fib Bulletin No. 67

Title: Guidelines for green concrete structures

Category: Guide to good practice

Year: 2012

Pages: 60

Format approx. DIN A4 (210x297 mm)

ISBN: 978-2-88394-107-6


fib Bulletin 67 is a practically oriented guide to reduce the environmental impact of concrete structures throughout their full life-cycle has been elaborated. It is intended to inspire and support concrete structure designers by providing practical tools, suggestions and recommendations that can be fully or partially applied, depending on regional limitations.

Even though the process of designing green concrete structures is subjected to constantly evolving knowledge, standards, regulations and regional levels of technologies, a common willingness to make a significant improvement must be adopted.

Focus is placed on CO2 as an environmental indicator. However, other indicators, such as N2O and methane are also major contributors to the greenhouse effect, although to a significantly lower extent. CO2 accounts for 55% of the total greenhouse effect, whilst methane and N2O account for 20% and 4%, respectively.

The definition of “green concrete structure” by the Nordic concrete network has been implemented in the guideline, and is applied throughout all phases of the life-cycle of a concrete structure, from pre-construction to demolition and reuse/recycling, once the relevant functional units and the environmental parameters have been defined.

Bulletin 67 provides an overview of selected available green concrete technologies, followed by suggestions on how the environmental impact can be accounted for. These accounting techniques can then be used to optimize concrete structures in terms of their environmental impact.

At the end of the bulletin, benchmark data is provided, and several examples of how the guide, or parts of it, can be used to account for and optimize the environmental impact of concrete structures.

Download the copyright page (= list of authors) as a PDF file.

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