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fib Bulletins is a generic term for a series of publications that include several types of technical documents: model codes, application manuals, design guides or recommendations, synthesis or state-of-the-art reports, and technical reports, which form a detailed record of the results attained by commissions and task groups in the field of research synthesis and operational application to concrete structures. Depending on a bulletin's status, its contents will be harmonized through approval by a task group (technical reports) or commission (state-of-the-art reports), or, if necessary, presented, discussed and assessed by the technical council (manuals, guides and recommendations) or the general assembly (model codes).

They are published irregularly, about five to six times per year. They follow publication ethics and malpractice statement.

Abstracts can be viewed by clicking on the bulletin title.

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fib Bulletins

Polymer-duct systems for internal bonded post-tensioning (PDF)

No. 75. Polymer-duct systems for internal bonded post-tensioning. Recommendation (172 pages, ISBN 978-2-88394-115-1, December 2014 - PDF format

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